Livin' the Dream - with Stacey K. Black

I have teamed up with the amazing filmmaker, Shea E. Butler, to create an epic web series, based on my TV pilot, "Trouble Creek." We will bring 7 episodes from this creepy, quirky world, to a computer near you! Stand by for more details!

My birthday is coming up! I will be putting on a music concert, from my living room to your computer, on May 1st at 5 PM (PST).


By tuning in to my Birthday Concert, with my Special Guest, Dave Jessup, from our band, Nobody's Station, you can become involved in the pre-production, shooting, and post-production of the Trouble Creek web series!

Each tip reward will be something fabulous from the set of "Trouble Creek" including, but not limited to:
*Signed script pages
*Autographed cast photos (casting to be posted soon)
*Behind-the-scene photos
*A set visit during filming (or via skype if you're out of town)
*A character named after you or someone of your choosing
*Executive Producer credit
*A piece of costuming from your favorite character
*The unauthorized soundtrack on a homemade CD, created by SKB
and much, much more!

If you're unable to view the concert on the day of the event, but you want to be involved with the series, you can claim your tip rewards right now. The link is already active!

I'm super excited to be directing another episode of the hit TNT series this summer! I'm always happy to... well, to "go home" to that cast and crew! They are the best! I will post the dates and other info as it becomes available. And, look for exclusive behind-the-scenes content here!

My music peaked at the #3 slot on the Reverberation Indie chart for Los Angeles! I can't thank you ENOUGH for checking out my music and pushing me onward and upward! Look what you did! As of today, April 1, I am #17.
SKB Off the Charts, Yo!

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